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Club Membership 2017
Hayston Golf Club presently has a number of vacancies within the different membership categories. Applications for membership are welcome and encouraged, and individuals who are interested should, in the first instance, contact the club Secretary.

. Full Member     - 749
  (Entry Fee 200 - Payable either as lump sum or by standing order over 12 months.)

. 5 Day Member - 540
  (Entry Fee 150 - Payable either as lump sum or by standing order over 12 months.)

N.B. Entry Fees are subject to periodic 'Special Offers' and if you are considering joining Hayston Golf Club you are encouraged to speak with our Secretary Jim to discuss what may be available.

. Youth Member - Fee on application

. Scholarship Member - 110

. Junior Member - 40

Subscription year runs from 1st November to 31st October. If joining after 1st November all subscriptions are pro rata .

Pictures currently displayed in Clubhouse

Picture courtesy of : Jim Boyd

Picture courtesy of : Bill Murdoch

  Picture courtesy of : Jim Boyd

Picture courtesy of : Jim Boyd

Picture courtesy of : Jim Boyd

Picture courtesy of : Jim Boyd  

Picture courtesy of : Lawrie Law

Club Notices & News

Notice: Hayston 2017 Club Champions Gallery
To view pictures of the 2017 Hayston Club Champions day please click here. Many thanks to club member Jim Boyd for providing the photos.
Phil Thelwell
Webmaster (19/08/17)

Notice: Litter Problem
It has been reported again that there seems to be a litter problem developing on the course, and in the car park, where people are dumping bottles and cans and not using the bins provided. (Photo below is a selection of litter found at the side of our car park.) The same problem was highlighted at the AGM last year and really should be an easy issue to resolve.
Can we request that all members and their guests use the bins provided to dispose of their litter and in this way we will keep the Course and Clubhouse areas tidy.

Jim Smart
Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee (04/05/17)
Notice: Dropping Zone at 7th
Please note a ball landing on the Ground Under Repair part of the 7th green should be dropped in the specified dropping zone. If the ball is outwith the putting surface but still within GUR it should be  taken to the nearest point of relief and dropped no nearer the hole without penalty.
George Earl
Handicap Convenor (14/04/17)
Notice: 2016 Hayston Pro-Am Gallery
Click here to view some of the many photos taken during the Hayston Pro-Am competition held at the club on Saturday 9th July.
Phil Thelwell
Media Convenor (14/07/16)
Notice: Pin Position Guide
To help players know where the location of the pins are for medal days a Pin Position Guide has been produced which can be viewed by clicking here . Check with the Pro's shop staff to find out which Zone is being used for each medal.
Joe Stuart
Greens Convenor (01/07/16)
Notice: Temporary Local Rules
Preferred Lies and Plugged Balls Through the Green. These rules are rescinded as of Tuesday 17th May.
Tom Blaker
Match Secretary (17/05/16)
Notice: Temporary Local Rules
1.   Two dropping zones have been provided to cover balls entering the plantation at the back of the 8th green. One covers the 4th green, the other covers both the 8th and 11th holes.
2.   The wall and fence surrounding the plantation are to be taken as immovable obstructions. Players are allowed relief without penalty which should be taken as per the Rules of Golf.
Match & Handicap Committee
Notice: Use of One-Person Ride On Buggies from 6th August 2013
The Management Committee have been looking at the use of One-Person ride on buggies at Hayston Golf Club and it has been decided that we would trial the use of these over the coming year. A full Risk-Assessment has been carried out to ascertain safe routes etc., and where and when bugggies could be used. This has resulted in guidance documentation being produced and these have been replicated on our website. ( Please note that buggies CANNOT be used on the 14th and 15th; foot access only at these holes ) .
Once the revelant documents have been signed the use of buggies will be the responsibility of the member/visitor and the Club will have no liability for storage or charging of the buggies. There is some space at the bottom side of the practice nets but again the Club will not be liable if anything were to happen to the buggy if left there,
For full documentation relating to the use of one-person buggies click HERE .
Jim Smart
Secretary for Management Committee (05/08/13)
Notice: Fire Regulation Changes
After a visit from Strathclyde Fire Brigade where a full audit of our fire safety plan was undertaken a few changes have had to take place for the Club to meet the regulations. The following work has had to be carried out mainly on fire doors:-
o  New Swing doors at kitchen entrance incorporating intumescent strips.
o  New Fire Safety door for the Power cupboard incorporating intumescent strips and fitting of a fire detector.
o  The slide door at the top of the stairs towards the locker room is illegal and does not meet the current fire regulations. We have had to change this to an emergency push bar door only to be used in cases of emergency. This door is NOT to be used as a thoroughfare to the locker rooms or exit to the main door . This will mean that access to bar from the upstairs locker room will now be via the Ante Room and the same applies to access to the Ladies Locker rooms.
o  A solution is still being sought for the fire escape route through the alley way at the side of the kitchen. This will involve fitting a new window and providing a new route for the vents which remove the fumes from the gas cookers etc.
o  A viewing window has been fitted to the main lounge door and this will allow members and staff to see if anyone is approaching from either side. This will help resolve H&S issues with the kitchen staff carrying plates back and forth to the Members Only bar and will avoid potential accidents.
Jim Smart
Secretary on behalf of the Management Committee (29/01/13)

3rd and 5th Holes - Where has the common sense gone?
There have been several instances of disputes over priority at the above holes during general play. At the 3rd tee the sign states that priority shold be given to players on the 15th. However a degree of common sense is required when playing these holes.
1. If players are well across the fairway playing the 15th players on the 3rd tee must wait until all players are clear.
2. If players have teed-off at the 15th, and have not gone past the line between the 3rd tee and 3rd green, they should allow the players, if any, on the 3rd tee to play to save time.

Tom Blaker
Match Secretary (01/05/12)

Scores & Results

Result: Sponsors Day on 1st September 2017

Tom Blaker
Match Secretary (02/09/17)

Result: Ladies Open Tri-Am on 18th July 2017

Adelia McEwan
Lady Vice-Captain (25/07/17)

Club History

Hayston Golf Club was founded in 1926 amid raging controversy that split the town of Kirkintilloch and it's community. It all came about because of 'the demon drink'.

In 1921, after a poll of the 12,000 population, it was decreed that all pubs in Kirkintilloch be closed and that the town should become 'dry'. Considering that there were 14 pubs and 15 churches, the publicans had plainly been living on borrowed time!

Naturally this news did not please the members of Kirkintilloch Golf Club who liked nothing better than visiting a hostelry for a dram or two after their exertions on the course. Faced with such a fearful loss of amenities, an extraordinary general meeting was called to vote on plans for a new clubhouse and an application and an applicationfor a liquor licence. The motion was narrowly defeated and the disaffected
members promptly agreed to form a breakaway club on leased land only a stones throw away, but just over the county line in Stirlingshire.

Thus Hayston Golf Club was born. To add a piquant note, the licensee Tom Pate, was also the club master, the equivalent to today's secretary and was a lifelong friend of James Braid. So Braid, ironically a non-drinker, was asked to design the course, returning on many occasions to fine tune his original design. What's more, Braid refused to submit an account on the grounds that it was a personal favour!
However, Tom and the members would have none of that and finally forced Braid to accept the grand sum of 5.00 (approx US$7.00).

Kirkintilloch remained a 'dry toon' until a referendum in 1968, long after Hayston had caused further scandal by voting to break the national trend and allow play on
Sundays. The pulpits may have been rocking, and the brimstone smouldering, but the new club survived.

Now it prospers as never before and the Braid course, last visited by the great man in 1946, is better than ever thanks to modern green keeping techniques and the atrategic planting of 25,000 trees. The site is a mere 72 acres, but Braid showed what imagination could do with a limited canvas - it appears much more expansive. The ground slopes and tilts this way and that, which lends itself nicely to elevated greens, deflecting hmmocks and gathering bunkers.

The terrain contradicts the yardage and makes club selection a critical part of playing the course. Although the greens are mainly on the small side, they are very deceptive. Looking generally flat, they can be slippery in summer when they are fanned by the prevailing westerly wind.

The card reads 6,080 yards, par 70, although for most it appears somewhat longer.

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